Service Fees

Initial consultations, trainings, and basic use of applications are fully subsidized by the ICTS grant for ICTS members.  Services vary widely within the center and are paid using either charge-backs or percent effort.  Hourly rates are charged based on services rendered; these typically entail specific needs that can be addressed within a finite amount of time.  For each service provided, Siteman Cancer Center (SCC) members are given SCC and ICTS subsidies for cancer studies, and the investigator is charged for the remainder.  Additional subsidy is available to ICTS members.

 When on-going, dedicated informatics support is warranted for research (e.g. Genomics of AML Program Project Grant) it may require significant effort by Core staff.  In cases such as this, an estimate of time for each personnel member is made and translated into salary support.  The approximate cost of the project is discussed with the investigator, and decisions regarding project start date and modifications are made as the project progresses.