Translational Cardiovascular Biobank & Repository (TCBR)

The Translational Cardiovascular Biobank & Repository (TCBR) was founded for the acquisition (using standardized, validated procedures), utilization and storage of integrated human cardiovascular tissues and clinical data for detailed phenotypic (electrophysiological, structural, molecular and biochemical) and genotypic (genomic, epigenetic and somatic) analyses.

Services & Resources

  • Consult with investigators planning to utilize human cardiac tissue and/or clinical data in their research projects
  • Consult on creation of tissue biobanks or data repositories
  • Consult on creation of study forms (e.g. ClinPortal or caTissue forms)
  • Support (e.g. consultation, letter, other) for preparation of grant proposals
  • Provide tissue acquisition and handling protocol(s)
  • Provide non-failing, "control" human cardiac tissue or myocyte sample(s)
  • Provide failing, "diseased" human cardiac tissue or myocyte sample(s)
  • Provide iPSC subsidy for CDI researchers
  • Provide limited donor or patient clinical data corresponding to tissue samples disbursed
  • Provide blood samples for genetic analyses
  • Provide experimental data and/or references

    Facilities & Other Resources

    Access the standard description of TCBR facilities and other resources for grant application purposes.

    User Expectations

    Usage of tissues and data provided by the TCBR constitutes Human Subjects Research. Therefore, users should have an approved IRB protocol prior to contacting the TCBR. For more information, please visit the Washington University Human Research Protection Office, the comparable office at your home institution, or the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) in the US Department of Health and Human Services.

    Resource Utilization

    • As noted, each investigator must document IRB approval for the specific research proposed
    • Request is sent to the TCBR Advisory Committee for deliberation
    • Approved applications are serviced by TCBR personnel
    • Reminder: ICTS members may apply for JIT funding to support their use of the TCBR

    Helpful Tools and Links