Translational Research Methods & Analysis Center (TRAC)

The Translational Research methods and Analysis Center (TRAC) has created a coordinated, cohesive “translational research toolbox” of critical analytic and design services available to ICTS investigators and trainees. The Center provides integrated infrastructure and research support services across the diverse analytic methods represented by each component (RDBG, CADR, and DIRC) framed around the mission of amplifying translational research via centralized, leading-edge design, analysis and methodology support services.

The integrated, cross-core approach available within TRAC services permits expert guidance from the start of a project to its conclusion.

Cross- and inter-disciplinary consultation within TRAC enables investigators access to and coordinated hand off of services across the entire spectrum of the research project from study design to implementation.

TRAC consultations to begin and improve your research study/grant application:

  • Receive expert guidance on study design, data collection/analysis including statistical support - RDBG
  • Use REDCap to support e-data collection and analysis - RDBG
  • Explore research strategies involoving health services administrative data - CADR
  • Access multiple administrative data soruces with programming resources and support - CADR
  • Discuss measures and study design unique to T3/T4 research across discovery, developmental and testing phases of implementation science - DIRC
  • Receive guidance on core resources for comparative effectiveness research (CER) and patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) - TRAC

NOTE: For ICTS members, a limited number of initial consultations and training sessions are fully subsidized. Services (such as access to expertise, use of infrastructure, research capacity) above the consultation level are provided through charge-back and collaborations through percent effort and should be included in grant budgets. Contact core representatives to discuss service needs and any associated costs.