Healthy Volunteers

  1. Healthy participants! Ben Palanca, MD is conducting a research study to test a way to look at changes in brain activity during wakefulness and sleep.  Participants must be 18-50 and must not use tobacco.  There will be a screening visit lasting 30-60 minutes and 2 overnight visits.  Up to $350 is provided.  Contact Volunteer for Health at 314-362-1000 to find out if you match for this study at (Posted 9/6/2013)
  2. Michelle Eisenberg is seeking participants for a research study to look at the differences in participants with and without post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). There are up to 4 study visits (up to 12 hours total). There will be interviews and questionnaires. Participants will watch movies and their eyes will be tracked with an eye tracker. They will also complete simple tasks. $10 per hour is provided. Call 314-935-4138.  (Posted 10/16/2013)
  3. 18 – 25 year old adults are needed for a Washington University research study! The purpose of the study is to see if being @ elevated risk of developing a psychotic illness is associated w/ event related potentials (ERPs). Participants must be 18 - 25 & must not have a psychotic disorder. There will be one study visit. Up to $175 is provided for time and effort. Contact, 314-286-1620.  (Posted 2/3/14)
  4. Healthy participants! Washington University seeks participants for a research study to look at an x-ray measurement patients without known spinal problems. You may qualify if you are 18 – 79 years old & have not previous spine surgery or hip or knee replacement. There is 1 study visit lasting 1 – 3 hours w/ questionnaires & an x-ray. A $20 Target gift card is provided. or 314-747-2588. (Posted 5/9/14)

  5. Healthy participants! Dr. Erika Waters is conducting a study to improve the way doctors and scientists talk about the risk of colon cancer.  You might qualify if you are 18 – 65 years old & have not had cancer. There is 1 study visit (90 minutes). Participants will take a survey, answer interview questions, & read an educational poster. A $30 gift card is provided. Contact or 314-747-5705. (Posted 8/8/14)

  6. Healthy participants are needed for a Washington University research study! The purpose of this study is to collect bacteria from the digestive tract of healty participants without urinary tract infections (UTI).  There will be 1 outpatient study visit (10 minutes) with a self-collected rectal swab and short questionaire.  Compensation ($10 Amazon gift card) is provided.  Contact Dr. McCoy at  (Posted 10/22/14) 

  7. Do you have pre-diabetes? Participants are needed for a research study to determine whether the muscle tissue in people pre-diabetes is different than those without this condition. You may qualify if you are 18 – 65 & do not use tobacco products. Participants w/ & w/o pre-diabetes are needed. There are up to 5 outpatient study visits. There will be a muscle biopsy. $325 provided. Contact 314-747-3294 or 314-747-0267. (Posted 1/7/15)