Aging Studies

  1. Adults 75 or older! Ellen F. Binder, MD is seeking volunteers for a study to see if a study drug will increase muscle size & strength in older adults that have had a recent fall. You might qualify if you are 75 or older & have fallen in the past 12 months. This study will last 37-42 weeks. There will be approximately 9 outpatient study visits to Washington University. Contact 314-286-2716 or
  2. Participants are needed for a research study at Washington University! Dr. Mitchell Sommers is conducting a study investigating what information younger & older adults use when hearing speech in noisy conditions. Participants must be 65 or older. There is 1 study visit (1–2 hours). Participation includes a hearing task & a memory task. $10 per hour is provided. Contact Karl 314-935-6537 or (Posted 2/3/14)
  3. Adult Children Study Seeks Participants! The purpose of the study is to identify the earliest signs of dementing illness. You may qualify if you are 55-74 years old AND have 2 parents that did NOT develop Alzheimer disease.  Participation will take about 11.5 hours and includes a spinal fluid examination. Up to $425 is provided. Contact Becky at or 314-286-2686. (Posted 5/13/14)
  4. Adults age 65 and older are needed for a study to examine the effects of aging on memory and brain activity patterns during learning. There will be 3 outpatient study visits lasting up to 4 hours each. There will be memory testing and 2 MRI scans. This study will be held at the St. Louis University and Washington University. Up to $25 per hour is provided. Contact Robyn at or 314-977-4199. (Posted 4/21/15)
  5. Older adults! Washington University is seeking participants for a study to develop a questionnaire of self-reported navigation abilities. You may qualify if you are age 60 or older. There are no study visits. Participation will take about 10 minutes. Participants will complete a survey online @ home. Participants will be entered to win a $50 gift card. Contact Samantha at or 3174-935-7596. (Posted 7/27/15)
  6. Exercise study! The purpose of this study is to determine the benefits of beet root juice on exercise performance. You may qualify if you are 18 or older w/ history of heart failure or 65-75 years old (healthy). There are 2 study visits (about 5 hours each). There will be a 6 min. walk, strength testing & an optional muscle biopsy. Up to $250 is provided. Contact  Dakkota at or 314-747-3839. (Posted 10/16/15)
  7. Participants needed for 20 month study examining Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction therapy, health education courses, & exercise to improve cognition. Must be age 65-84, no cognitive impairment (eg Alzheimer’s) & not involved in regular exercise. Appx 10 outpatient study visits and weekly/monthly group classes. Up to $600 provided. Call 314-747-1134 (Posted 11/30/15)
  8. Participants 70 & older are needed for a study to learn more about age-related changes in blood cells that may help us understand some blood cancers. Participants must not be receiving cancer treatment. There will be 1 study visit (1 hour). Some participants will be invited to return every 6 mths. There will be a blood draw, 10 ft-walk test & mouth swab. Compensation not provided. 314-747-4678, (Posted 4/27/16)
  9. A memory study seeks participants. The purpose of the study is to determine the most effective training strategies for individuals seeking to improve their memory. Participants must be 60-85 years old. There will be 3 study sessions (4.5 to 5 hours total). Participants will complete computer based prospective memory tasks. $5 per half hour is provide. Contact Francis @ 803-767-5526 or (Posted 8/17/16)
  10. Adults 55 & older are needed for a vaccine research study. This study will examine different doses of an investigational vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) compared to placebo in adults 55 & older. You may qualify if you are 55 or older & do not have a body mass index greater than 39.9. There are 8 study visits (1 hour each). Up to $800 is provided. Contact Dr. Klebert: 314-454-8225 or (Posted 10/11/16)
  11. Older adults! Washington University is seeking participants for a study to test if aerobic exercise, alone or combined with lowering blood pressure & cholesterol, will reduce memory decline. You may qualify if you are age 60 to 85 w/high blood pressure. This study will last 2 years with exercise at a local gym and visits to WashU for tests. Up to $250 is provided. Contact Laura @ 314-273-1355 or (Posted 10/27/16)