Breathing and Lung Disorders

  1. Participants are needed for a study to find the best asthma treatment to add for people that self-identify as African American/Black who have asthma that isn’t well controlled on a low dose of inhaled steroid. You may qualify if you have asthma & self-identify as African American/Black. The study lasts 66-68 weeks (about 1 year & 4 months). There are up to 18 study visits. Up to $1250 is provided. Call 314-747-3759. (Posted 2/3/14)

  2. Asthma patients! Washington University seeks participants for a research study to learn if a study drug decreases the amount of inflammation in the lungs of patients w/ asthma. You may qualify if you are 18-75 years old w/ asthma. This study lasts up to 6 months w/ 10 study visits. Study visits last up to 8 hours. There will be a biopsy of your lungs. Compensation is provided for time & effort. Call 314-747-4518. (Posted 10/22/15)

  3. Severe asthma? Participants are needed for a research study to evaluate the safety & effectiveness of an injectable study medication in participants w/ uncontrolled, severe asthma. You may qualify if you are 18 - 75 years old, have severe asthma, and use at least 2 daily controller medications. This study lasts 73 weeks. There are 15 study visits. Compensation is provided. Contact 314-996-3105 or (Posted 5/3/2017)