Children's Health

  1. Babies needed for a research study on autism! The purpose of this study is to learn more about brain development in infants who are at high risk for developing autism. Participants must be 6 month of age or younger with an older sibling with OR without autism.  There are 4 study visits including MRI scans & developmental testing. Compensation is provided. Contact Lisa at 1-888-845-6786 or (Posted 11/15/13)

  2. Children are needed for an MS research study to determine if risk factors identified for adult multiple sclerosis are also risk factors for pediatric MS, & if there are interactions between. Participants 3-18 years old both with & without Multiple Sclerosis or (MS) or Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS) are needed. There is 1 study visit w/ questionnaires & blood testing. Contact or 314-454-4267. (Posted 2/3/14)

  3. The Early Emotional Development Program at Washington University is seeking children for a research study to look @ parent-child interaction therapy to help parent & child improve their relationship. Participants must be 3 – 6 years old with symptoms of depression. This study will last up to 36 weeks with parent &/or child therapy visits & assessment visits. Compensation is provided. Caroline at 314-286-1888. (Posted 3/18/14)

  4. Children are needed for a Washington University research study looking at attention. The purpose of the study is to understand how attention is related to symptoms of anxiety and depression. Participants must be 8 – 12 years old and must not use psychiatric medication or have a diagnosis of ADHD, ASD, PDD. Must not have an Education Diagnosis or receive services through an IEP. There are 1 – 2 study visits and an fMRI scan. Up to $100 per visit is provided. Contact Caroline at or 314-286-0965(Revised 1/30/17)

  5. Teens are needed for a research study! The purpose of this study is to see if differences in blood vessel stiffness will affect measures of cognition and brain imaging.  Participants must be 13-17 years old. The study will take 1 day to complete including an MRI scan of the brain. Up to $70 (gift cards) is provided for time and effort. Contact Carolyn at or 314-286-1547.  (Posted 12/17/15)

  6. Teens are needed. Washington University is conducting a study to decide if a weekly calendar planning activity is a good test to measure cognitive problems in teenagers after a brain injury. You might qualify if you are 12 – 18 years old & do not have a neurological disorder. There is 1 study visit including cognitive tests. A $10 gift card is provided. Contact 314-286-1516 or (Posted 2/24/16)

  7. Preschool aged children are needed for a research study to see how the brains of healthy preschoolers are different from those of preschoolers suffering from depression. Children must be 4-6 years old without a neurological disorder. There are 3 study visits (2 hours each). Up to $180 is provided for time & effort. Contact Samantha at or 314-747-7262. (Posted 3/16/16)

  8. Autism research study!  The goal of the study is to learn how autism spectrum disorder influences the development of joint attention & shared engagement during infancy and toddler-hood.  Participants must be 12-24 months old without diagnoses of an autism spectrum disorder.  There is 1 study visit (2 hours) w/ questionnaires, DOT scan & eye tracking.  $40 is provided.  Contact 314-286-0005 or (Posted 5/18/16)

  9. Participants needed! This study looks @ brain changes during the process of child development. Participants must be 5-18 & must not have neuro disorders. There will be 2 half days (up to 4 hrs each) or up to 3-4 half day visits (up to 3 hrs each) including MRI scans & collection of hair samples. Up to $150 is provided for the child depending on age & up to $250 for the parent., 314-747-5477. (Posted 3/29/17)