Ear, Nose, and Throat

  1. Would you like to be considered for studies related to the ears, nose, mouth or throat? A research registry seeks volunteers! This registry will collect information related to hearing or other communication disorders. This info will be used to recruit for a variety of otolaryngology studies. Click here to sign up (it will take about 10 minutes): http://j.mp/1bhoOd9 (Posted 12/16/2013)
  2. Hearing loss? This study will look at differences in understanding of speech in quiet & noisy environments & personal preferences in hearing aids fitting methods in individuals w/ hearing loss. You may qualify if you have bilateral hearing loss & haven't worn hearing aids. There are 5 study visits. Compensation or discounted hearing aids are available for time & effort. Contact oedingk@ent.wustl.edu or 314-362-74963 (Posted 10/14/16)
  3. Attention adults 50 and older! A research study is seeking participants to understand how people are affected by hearing loss.  You might qualify if you are 50 or older and do not have head or neck trauma. Participation includes 2 study sessions (1-2 hours each). There will be surveys, cognitive testing, and a hearing test. Up to $40 is provided. Contact (314) 935-6537 or k.mcclannahan@wustl.edu. (Posted 6/14/2017)
  4. Do you have hyposmia (reduced ability to smell) or anosmia (no ability to smell)? A research study seeks participants to examin the impact of nasal irrigation (Neti-pot) an/or smell training for patients w/hyposmia or anosmia. There are up to 3 study visits. There will be taste and smell test, budesonide nasal saline irrigation & smell training intervention. Contact 314-747-0910 or m.watkins@wustl.edu. (Posted 7/10/17)