Ear, Nose, and Throat

  1. Would you like to be considered for studies related to the ears, nose, mouth or throat? A research registry seeks volunteers! This registry will collect information related to hearing or other communication disorders. This info will be used to recruit for a variety of otolaryngology studies. Click here to sign up (it will take about 10 minutes): http://j.mp/1bhoOd9 (Posted 12/16/2013)
  2. Hearing loss? This study will look at differences in understanding of speech in quiet & noisy environments & personal preferences in hearing aids fitting methods in individuals w/ hearing loss. You may qualify if you have bilateral hearing loss & haven't worn hearing aids. There are 5 study visits. Compensation or discounted hearing aids are available for time & effort. Contact oedingk@ent.wustl.edu or 314-362-74963 (Posted 10/14/16)
  3. Do you have hyposmia (reduced ability to smell) or anosmia (no ability to smell)? A research study seeks participants to examin the impact of nasal irrigation (Neti-pot) an/or smell training for patients w/hyposmia or anosmia. There are up to 3 study visits. There will be taste and smell test, budesonide nasal saline irrigation & smell training intervention. Contact 314-747-0910 or m.watkins@wustl.edu. (Posted 7/10/17)