Mental Health

  1. Decision-making research study! The purpose of this study is to examine different factors that affect decision making & interpersonal interactions in individuals w/social anxiety & depression. Participants must be 18 or older w/diagnosis of social anxiety disorder (SAD) or major depressive disorder (MDD). There is 1 study visit (1 to 4 hours). Up to $60 is provided. Contact or 314-935-8627 (Posted 1/12/16)
  2. Bipolar depression? Dr. Peter Nagele is conducting a research study to determine if nitrous oxide is an effective treatment for treatment-resistant bipolar depression.  You may qualify if you have treatment-resistant bipolar disorder, are 18-65 years old, & do not have schizophrenia.  There are 17 study visits over 6-8 wks.  Up to $320 is provided.  Contact Jenny at or 314-747-7348. (Posted 5/18/16)
  3. An omega-3 research study seeks participants! The purpose of the study is to determine if a special type of omega-3 fatty acid helps to enhance the action of antidepressant medication for people w/depression & heart disease or cardiac risk factors. You may qualify if you are 35 or older w/or at risk for heart disease & depression. There are 2 study visits. Up to $99 is provided. Contact or 314-286-1315. (Posted 10/4/16)
  4. Major depression? A Washington University research study is seeking participants to look at different concentrations of nitrous oxide (N2O) fir adults with treatment-resistant major depression. You may qualify if you are 18 - 75 years old with major depression. There are up to 14 study visits (1 to 4 hours each). Up to $65 is provided. Contact Linda at 314-747-7348 or (Posted 10/21/16)
  5. A depression research study seeks participants with AND without depression. Dr. Charles Conway will examine brain activity via MRI scans before and after nitrous oxide. You might qualify if you are 18 - 65 years old. Participation includes 5 study visits. There will be inhalation nitrous oxide or placebo and MRI scans. Up to $150 is provided. Contact Linda at 314-747-7348 or (Posted 11/7/16)
  6. Do you have treatment resistant depression? Dr. Charles Conway is conducting a research study looking @ adaptive enhanced transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) as adjunctive therapy for treatment-resistant depression. You may qualify if you have failed at least 3 prior antidepressant medications. Participants will undergo 20 sessions of tDCS at no charge. Contact Linda @ or 314-747-7348. (Posted 2/16/17)
  7. Heart Failure? Participants are needed for a research study to test interventions for depression & self-care in people with heart failure. You may qualify if you have clinically documented heart failure & depression. Participation will last 1 year. Participants will be randomly assigned to an enhanced usual care (EUC) group or stepped care for depression (SCD) group. Contact 314-273-6086 or (Posted 2/17/17)