Women's Health

  1. Long term birth control research study seeks females 16-45 years old.  This study will examine the safety and effectiveness of an investigational intrauterine system (IUS).  An IUS is a long term, reversible contraceptive method that is placed in your uterus by a clinician.  There are 14 study visits over up to 6 years.  Up to $760 is provided for time and effort.  Call Volunteer for Health at 314-362-1000 to find out more.  (Posted 8/7/2013)
  2. Are you pregnant?  Are you feeling sad, overwhelmed, or depressed?  Dr. Shannon Lenze at Washington University is seeking participants for a research study to test a new talk therapy intervention for pregnant women experiencing depressive symptoms.  This study will last 14-16 months depending on the time of the participant's enrollment.  Up to $180 is provided.  Contact Jennifer at rodgersj@psychiatry.wustl.edu or 314-286-2340. (Posted 8/7/2013)
  3. Are you currently planning to become pregnant?  Washington University seeks participants for a study to better understand how women’s activity & sleep patterns, both before & during pregnancy, may affect different pregnancy outcomes. You may qualify if you are a female between 18-45 years old. There are 4 outpatient study visits. Up to $80 is provided. Contact Michele at landeaum@wudosis.wustl.edu or 314-747-6412. (Posted 3/12/15)
  4. A Washington University family planning research study seeks participants! This study evaluates a clinical model of family planning including providing birth control, well women visits and STD testing.  Participants must be 14-44 years old and female.  Participation involves 1 study visit and phone interviews.  A $20 gift card is provided at the time of enrollment and a $10 gift card is provided upon completion of every phone survey.  Contact the Contraceptive Choice Center at 314-747-0800. (Posted 7/14/15)  
  5. Women! Do you have symptoms of a vaginal infection? Washington University is seeking participants for a study to look at 3 investigational treatments for vaginal infections. You may qualify if you have symptoms of vaginal infection & do not have active herpes. There are 3 study visits (up to 1 hour). Up to $75 (gift cards) is provided. Contact Zoe @ 314-747-5174, Jenningsz@wudosis.wustl.edu. (Posted 12/15/15)
  6. Premenopausal Women! Do you have a mammogram at Joanne Knight Breast Health Center scheduled? A research study is seeking participants for a study to examine blood levels of three biomarkers & their relationship to breast density. There are 2 study visits that will occur during annual mammogram appointments. Participation includes blood tests & questionnaires. Up to $20 in gift cards is provided. Call 314-747-9842. (Posted 12/17/15)