ICTS Cores for Community Researchers

The following cores do not require IRB approval

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Center for Administrative Data Research (CADR) - serves to provide leadership and training in the use of health services administrative data in clinical epidemiologic, health services and outcomes research

Center for Community Health Partnership and Research (CCHPR) - a joint center supported by the ICTS and the Institute for Public Health, this transformative initiative fosters collaborative research partnerships between and among the community at large, community organizations, ICTS academic institutions, community-based health providers, and researchers

Dissemination & Implementation Research Core (DIRC) - provides methodological expertise to advance translational (T2) research to inform and move efficacious health practices from clinical knowledge into routine, real-world use

Recruitment Enhancement Core (REC) - a unique service that helps ICTS investigators meet and exceed study recruitment targets

Regulatory Support Center (RSC) - designed to provide support for ICTS investigators in overcoming organizational barriers, navigating through the regulatory requirements for human research, and recruiting adequate numbers of appropriate research participants for studies

Research Design & Biostatistics Group (RDBG) - guides clinical study design, data collection and data analysis