Letters of Support

ICTS investigators seeking COVID-19 related research funding can request a letter of support to accompany their grant proposals.

To request a letter of support, follow these steps:

  1. Download sample draft letter of support available here.
  2. Edit the draft letter as needed. We recommend you customize it for your specific grant proposal.
  3. E-mail revised draft to icts@wustl.edu for ICTS leadership approval.
  4. The ICTS will contact you with final, approved letter of support provided as a pdf.
Facilities and Resources

Washington University in St. Louis has a rich past providing the broad infrastructure and scientific environment necessary to support translational research. Today, this history prepares us to meet head-on the significant research needs during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Updated information on WUSM facilities and resources especially relevant to COVID-19 grant proposals can be downloaded here

Budget Estimates for Biospecimen and Informatics Services

Reference the links below to obtain fee-for-service costs provided by the Tissue Procurement Core and Institute for Informatics for services related to COVID-19 research. These rates are for Washington University investigators, do not include subsidies for Siteman Cancer Center membership, and may differ for faculty at ICTS partner institutions.

Tissue Procurement Core: IMPORTANT NOTE (Effective 9/15/20), to partially cover the cost of specimen processing, the ICTS is instituting a $5/per sample surcharge on all COVID-19 biospecimens. Add this cost along with the SCC/TPC distribution charges according to FY21 pricing (pdf).  Please contact Brian Goetz for a customized study budget.

Institute for Informatics:  View here for hourly rate information.  Please contact i2help@wustl.edu for a customized study budget