Council of NIH-Funded Centers

The ICTS Council of NIH-funded Scientific Centers was created to provide a forum where the Directors and administrators of NIH-funded centers at Washington University can meet with each other and with the leadership of the ICTS to discuss issues of mutual interest and develop joint strategies to optimize the function of their respective programs.

The ICTS consistently strives to avoid duplication of services or programs while leveraging opportunities and strengths of existing centers and institutes.  Thus, the ICTS works closely with resources that either have a similar mission or fill specific service gaps.

  • These and other centers at ICTS partner institutions have become a part of the ICTS network and actively seek opportunities for research collaboration.

    - Saint Louis University Center for World Health and Medicine
    - Saint Louis University Center for Vaccine Development
    - University of Missouri-Columbia TigerPlace

  • The ICTS funding programs support translational research using the services provided by ICTS cores as well as various centers and cores affiliated with the ICTS.  Funding support for investigators using specific services through an ICTS-affiliated core is available through the ICTS Just-In-Time Core Usage Funding Program.  See page 3 of the Program Overview for a complete list of research cores that are formally associated with the program.

The ICTS continues to work with many of the centers and institutes at partner organizations to leverage resources by coordinating existing research cores and programs.

    - Washington University
    - Saint Louis University
    - University of Missouri-Columbia