ICS - Facilities & Other Resources

Informatics Core Services (ICS) within the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS) is led by a group of active and experienced bioinformatics experts and integrates elements of Medical Informatics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Sciences. It offers industry-standard, enterprise-class infrastructure and software tools to store, integrate, query, analyze, and visualize complex clinical and molecular data sets. CBMI provides essential data management/analysis and collaborative tools and comprehensive training resources to promote collaborative studies and facilitate the identification of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and the subsequent development of personalized therapies.


Facilities and Equipment: A dedicated, fault tolerant and fully redundant 10Gbps SAN supports a wide array of programs for data management, backend storage, advanced statistical/graphical analysis, and both relational and NoSQL databases. In addition, approximately 350 servers are utilized to manage and share diverse data sets and to provide high throughput computational resources to end-users. The ICS also contains a High Performance Computing Cluster for massively parallel data processing, a large clustered storage file system, and several High Availability Cloud systems to maintain maximum uptime for resources.