Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC)

The Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC), a component of the ICTS Genomic Medicine Program, was established by the Washington University Department of Genetics to provide cutting-edge and cost effective sequencing and analysis technologies to local colleagues and external investigators. The GTAC offers fee-for-service sample preparation, data generation, bioinformatics analysis, and intellectual support for microarray, PCR, and high-throughput sequencing studies. We are committed to generating the highest quality data, maintaining rapid sample turn around times and providing excellent value added services and resources.

Services & Resources

The GTAC offers a portal to Washington University cores providing services related to genomic analysis, specifically:

  • Next-generation sequencing - whether you are a novice or an expert in NGS sequencing technologies, GTAC can help you design a study, prepare DNA or RNA libraries, sequence samples, and analyze the data. See the Detailed Service Information.
  • Microarray Analysis - at the discretion of GTAC clients, the microarray team can be involved in every step of a microarray project, and is equipped to run all major array formats including Illumina, Affymetrix, and Agilent. GTAC helps with study design, preparing samples, running the hybridizations, and can analyze the results. See the Detailed Service Information.
  • PCR Services - A wide variety of PCR services are available to move your project forward on a high throughput level. GTAC offers PCR for SNP genotyping, qPCR to assess gene expression, single cell gene expression, or copy number variation, and digital PCR, as well as Illumina NGS library quantitation. See the Detailed Service Information.
  • Study design, library preparation, bioiformatics annotation.
  • Other consultative services

Additional ICTS Genomic Medicine Program Resources

Services provided by four additional ICTS Genomic Medicine Program related cores are supported through the ICTS Just-In-Time Core Usage Funding program.  Those cores are:

Clinical Genomics Research Unit

Human Embryonic Stem Cell (HESC) Core Facility

Statistical Genetic Analysis Core (SGAC)

Genome Engineering & iPSC Center (GEiC)