Clinical Genomics Research Unit

The Clinical Genomics Research Unit  is a full service state-of-the art research facility with CLIA and CAP accreditation, equipped with modern imaging stations, laboratory information system, chromosomal microarray facility and automated metaphase scanning.  The Unit provides support for clinical trials/studies for which a CLIA/CAP environment is required as well as conventional metaphase karyotyping and a comprehensive menu of molecular cytogenetic methods (FISH, Chromosomal Microarrays) for human and mouse tissues (for example mouse embryonic stem cells, cancer cell lines, skin, peripheral blood, buccal cells, bone marrow etc). The Cytogenetics Core also provides consultancy on designing projects involving karyotyping, custom FISH probe design, and analyses of data from chromosomal microarrays.  More information can be found on the unit webpage.

Contact:  Complete the CYTOGENETICS CORE REQUEST  form.  Email with inquiries, or contact the core laboratory manager, Jane Bauer (; phone 314.362.7819) for further information.