Human Embryonic Stem Cell (hESC) Core Facility

A dedicated human Embryonic Stem Cell (hESC) Core Facility has partnered with the WU Genome Engineering and iPSC Center to form GEiC and provide comprehensive services.  Fully equipped tissue culture facilities combined with unique expertise enables WU investigators to initiate new projects and to gather preliminary data necessary for developing competitive NIH grant applications for continuation and expansion of these projects.  More information can be found at the hESC Core Facility webpage.

Core Services

  • Infrastructure: The hESC Core provides hESC tissue culture hood rental, with and without materials, reagents, and staff assistance for culture and expansion to a variety of differentiated cell types and embryoid bodies.
  • Assistance with IRB and ESCRO approvals: The Core can assist in preparation of support documentation for IRB and ESCRO protocols.  Washington University provides Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Guidelines to support investigators engaged in human embryonic stem cell research, to assure the responsible conduct of human embryonic stem cell research and to comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations through the Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee (ESCRO).
  • Training: The hESC Core facility provides hands-on pluripotent stem cell training courses at the introductory and advanced levels.

Contact: Mariana Beltcheva, hESC Core Director at or 314.362.1428.