Statistical Genetic Analysis Core (SGAC)

The Statistical Genetic Analysis Core capitalizes on existing WU infrastructure in genetics, including the Genome Institute, the Center for Genome Sciences (CGS), and the Division of Statistical Genomics to provide comprehensive resources to support investigators engaged in genomics research.  The SGAC assists investigators by providing statistical genetics input in experimental design, analysis and interpretation through general services such as protocol design, database development, and statistical analytics.  The SGAC is directed by Michael Province, PhD and co-directed by Jeffrey I. Gordon, MD.  See the Division of Statistical Genomics (DSG) website for more information.

Core Services

  • Provide study design, power and sample size calculations, and pilot data analysis for ICTS clinical investigators preparing to submit grant applications involving genetic epidemiology or translational genetics studies
  • Provide expertise as a coordination center for multi-institutional studies.
  • Support for statistical genetics methodology research, such as systems biology pathway analysis, meta-analysis, and combination of linkage and association scans through manipulating large datasets.
  • Reach out to clinical researchers and advertise the availability of statistical genomics collaborative opportunities through the Division of Statistical Genomics
  • Conduct the Statistical Genetics Methods Forum seminar program to provide an opportunity for investigators to keep abreast of the latest methodologies.

Contact: Amy Sleeter, Project Manager, at or 314.362.3945.