Emergency Care Research Core (ECRC) Recruitment

The Emergency Care Research Core (ECRC) provides investigators with a centralized infrastructure for all aspects of emergency care research to optimize cohort discovery and enrollment, particularly for time dependent interventions in an acute setting.  The ECRC research structure can assist investigators conducting trials in the ED environment by providing consultation/research feasibility, analytics, screening, enrollment, and information technology resources on a fee for service basis.


Core Services

  • Consultation/research feasibility analysis: The ECRC team can provide protocol review, recruitment strategy optimization, and feasibility analysis using tailored searches of the ED electronic medical record to determine the historical frequency and pattern of patient presentation as well as optimization of the study in the setting.
  • CASE-ED screening:  The Computer Assisted Screening and Enrollment in the Emergency Department (CASE-ED) program permits automated, comprehensive screening of all BJH emergency department patients every 15 minutes, 24/7 to identify patients who meet predefined characteristics. 
  • Informatics support: ECRC informatics specialists can write study-specific programs based on trigger combinations such as: age, gender, chief complaint, past medical history, vital signs, diagnostic test orders or results, medication orders, or diagnoses.  Notifications for patients meeting these predefined criteria can be sent via page, text, or email. 
  • Research call system: Board certified emergency physicians experienced in the conduct of clinical trials can serve as sub-investigators and provide oversight for subject enrollment in the ED including physical exams, physician assessments, inclusion/exclusion verification, oversight of drug administration, and monitoring for adverse events.
  • Coordinator services: The ECRC coordinators who have specific training in the conduction of research in the emergency care setting can provide screening, consent, and enrollment services for any study on a fee-for-service basis. 

Contact: To learn more about ECRC recruitment services, visit the website or contact Stacey House; MD PhD, ECRC Director (staceyhouse@wustl.edu; 314.362.8070).