ICTS Research Navigation Resources

The focus of ICTS Research Navigation Resources is to continuously update and improve methods for facilitating research, clinical science and translation to address shifting needs, the changing environment, and user feedback.  ICTS Research Navigation Resources advise member investigators/research teams on available resources to facilitate the entire spectrum of translational science, including information on ICTS cores, educational options, and funding opportunities by emphasizing planning, conduct, and analysis, as well as dissemination and implementation.

ICTS Research Navigation Resources are centralized services by which investigator inquiries and assistance requests are managed and supported.

See also the "Access the Research Forum (RF)" link on the left.  The RF provides ICTS investigators with efficient, structured processes and guidance to improve and accelerate project and biotechnology development activities for clinical and translational research. The two current Research Forums accommodate projects that focus on child health, or alternately support studies with a general medical health sciences emphasis.  The RF Program works with investigators conducting studies in the pathway of basic science through clinical trials and implementation into practice and policy.