What areas of research are covered by the RF?

The RF-Child Health supports investigators who are addressing translational research questions in basic, preclinical and clinical science areas using pediatric populations which can lead to improvements in child health.  RF-CH is supported by the ICTS and the Children's Discovery Institute (CDI) and deals with research projects in the T1-T3 translational phases.

The RF-Medical Health Sciences works with investigators throughout the T1-T4 spectrum, with emphasis on the pathway of basic science and pre-clinical models through clinical trials and implementation into practice and policy.  Pediatric and adult populations can be the study focus.

Are there any areas of research that are NOT covered by the RF?

Currently, the RF efforts in Child Health do NOT include research related to comparative effectiveness, epidemiology, community outreach, or health services. The addition of these areas will be considered at a later date.