Research Forum-Precision Medicine

The Research Forum in Precision Medicine (RF-PM) comprises a multidisciplinary team representing basic medical genomics through pragmatic clinical science, with the goal of facilitating and supporting the translational research endeavor.  The ICTS Precision Medicine Function aims to advance basic biomedical research into human studies (T1) all the way to integration of genomic medicine into public health (T4), leading to the application of genomic discoveries to diagnose diseases and then facilitate treatment of patients, families, and communities.  

The RF-PM is a concierge platform that is adaptable to the general and specific needs of the researcher, with the Team comprising standing members and ad hoc subject level experts.  The standing team members represent expertise across critical disciplinary areas necessary to develop and enhance research proposals.  The RF-Precision Medicine can be tailored to address review of aims, to providing individual grant reviewers with specific expertise, to formal panel discussion.  Also, the Forum can be convened as a mock NIH study section for extramural proposals. 

The RF-PM offers monthly meetings for investigators. Our standing team members (below) can accommodate rapid review and turn-around times of aims/approaches for time-sensitive application deadlines.  Contact Sherri Gabbert, Precision Medicine Navigator, and visit the function website for additional details.