Service Fees

The DIRC will provide language describing the dissemination and implementation (D&I) science methods expertise available to your study through the grant period, when the grant budget includes DIRC personnel or core services. Approximately 1 hour of subsidized consultation will be provided, after which our hourly rate is $120.

Estimated hours required for each of the following services (each grant can receive more than one type of service):

Literature reviews (estimated time per request: 6 to 10 hours). We can perform basic, complex, or annotated searches of literature in D&I science.  Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot provide original articles. Topics for our searches include:

  • Implementation science on the topic of your study (e.g., drug abuse, cancer)
  • Strategies for implementing evidence-based health practices
  • Sample articles reflecting various design and measurement options
  • Implementation barriers

Grant review & critique (estimated time 2 to 3 hours per draft). Our team will read your grant proposal draft and provide you with feedback related to the implementation and dissemination science of the grant.

Grant excerpts (estimated time 5 to 10 hours per draft). We will provide you with excerpts of text related to your request.

Manuscript preparation (estimated time 5+ hours). The time spent on the manuscript will depend on the authorship order and depth of our contribution. We can recommend specific team members, depending on required expertise, to participate on the manuscript.

National consultation in specialized areas (estimated time 1½  hours). Our team has relationships with national experts on D&I science. We can help connect you with an expert who can provide a one hour consultation; depending on the expert’s time and consultation fee.

Collaboration with other Cores. We are part of the Translational Research Methods and Analysis Center (TRAC), and we work closely with the following cores: Research Design and Biostatistics Group (RDBG); Center for Administrative Data Research (CADR); and the Center for Economic Evaluation in Medicine (CEEM). We will encourage you to contact these cores, depending on your research purposes, and will work closely with them to assist you on your application.