Return on Investment

ICTS Funding Program:

The ICTS annually evaluates Return on Investment (ROI), based on information provided by funded researchers about: 1) external grant applications, 2) external awards, 3) publications, and 4) interesting discoveries and other successes directly resulting from their ICTS funded research project(s).  Awardees are encouraged to review the progress/final report templates on the "Awardee Information" page in order to anticipate reporting requirements.  As an example, ROI data about external grant applications by previous cohorts is included below.

External Grants Awarded

In September 2015, investigators reported on external grants awarded based on their research funded by the FBJH/ICTS pilot program.

  • 63 of 118 funded research pilot awards have received external funding which the PI attributes directly to FBJH/ICTS pilot funding
  • Total pilot investment from FBJH/ICTS from 2008-2016 = $13.99M
  • Number of external grants awarded: 108 grants totaling >$113.38M
 Cohort Number PIs
External Funding
 2008  12
 2009  12  $18.29M
 2010  14
 2011  12
 2012  11
 2013    2
 2014    *
 2015    *

* PIs are surveyed beginning one year after completion of the FBJH/ICTS sponsored study.  Projects from these years have not yet received external funding, or the data has not yet been reported.