Tools & Resources for ICTS/CTSA Researchers

  • AHRQ: The Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality's patient-centered medical home research methods series.
  • Clinical Study Designer (CSD): This web application is offered to Washington University researchers for designing, editing, re-using, and sharing case report forms through an online portal.  A study build with CSD can use ClinPortal to manage data collection with no charge to the researcher.
  • Cost Effectiveness Tool: The Center for Health Economics and Policy is committed to creating and publishing a diverse set of tools to help researchers access, utilize, and analyze data.  The Cost Effectiveness Tool asks users questions about their research to provide customized information and advice on research design, available data, examples, and suggested readings in the area of Cost and Cost Effectiveness Analysis.
  • Digital Commons@Becker: This digital repository hosts scholarly work created at Washington University School of Medicine to enhance its visibility and accessibility to scholars, researchers, and the public.
  • DSMB Training Manual: This manual, a collective effort of several Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program members, helps researchers with training, resources and information on how to work effectively with DSMBs (Data and Safety Monitoring Boards).
    Download the manual here.
  • Facilities and Other Resources: The Clinical and Translational Science Award application (May 2016) included a comprehensive description of facilities and resources available at Washington University and ICTS partner institutions that were applicable to the submission.
  • Good Clinical Practice: The GCP training platform, funded through a 2014 Administrative Supplement, includes test out features allowing individuals to demonstrate competency at the individual module level.  See the OVCR website or the GCP Quick Start Guide for more information.
  • Grants Library:  The Office of Training Grants (OTG) has developed a Grants Library to serve as a centralized resource for grant writers and investigators at various career stages.  This site contains examples of awarded training, career, and research grant applications (NIH, private, and institutional) as well as general stock language and proposal templates and tools. NOTE: WU access requires a WUSTL Key.  For access from ICTS partners, contact Betsy Abente (
  • ICTS-affiliated and supported cores: Streamlined access to core service eligible for the Core Usage (Just In Time) Funding Program.
  • Methodology Expert Registry (MER): The ICTS Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Translational Research Design (BERD) has identified individuals from Washington University and ICTS partner institutions to supplement the expertise of members of the BERD. These experts have agreed to consider requests from ICTS members for methodological input into research protocols.  The ICTS has agreed to subsidize the initial consultation to that which would be provided if BERD itself were performing the services.  Any additional effort by the expert will need to be billed to the investigator according to an agreement made between the investigator and the expert.  In many cases, a referral to a member of the MER will be made by BERD when it appears that such referral would be productive. In the instance where an ICTS member has identified a particular expert by referring to the Methodology Expert Registry, the investigator should complete an Intake Form and provide the expert's name as the "consultant".  BERD will then contact the expert to see if they are willing to accept this particular referral.  If so, then the expert will be provided the contact information of the investigator so that a time/place to meet can be arranged.
  • myProject: An IT system solution (currently being co-developed by Washington University in St. Louis and the The University of Iowa) for institutions to effectively implement and manage their roles as relying institutions and reviewing IRBs under different single IRB (sIRB) models in multi-site research. myProject will not only meet the needs of a relying institution or reviewing sIRB, but also provide simple tools to reduce burden and support compliance for researchers tasked with working with a variety of sIRBs and their varied operating procedures and reporting requirements. 
  • NEW NIH Policy on Inclusion Across the Lifespan: ICTS Integrating Special Populations Function recommends these considerations regarding ethical and scientific reasons for exclusions based on age. 
  • REDCap: A secure web application designed to support data capture for research studies. REDCap allows users to build and management online surveys and databases quickly and securely.  Developed at Vanderbilt University, the ICTS Research Design and Biostatistics Group provides local access and support.  For information about the REDCap development project see
  • Resources and Support for Early Stage Investigators: A brief summary of ICTS-specific resources for academic and clinical researchers to support grant development, editing and competitive extramural submission. 
  • WUSTL Biospecimen Navigator (WBN): Access to this resource requires a WUSTL key.  A comprehensive catalog of research biospecimens collected across the WUSTL scientific community.