A system solution for institutions to effectively implement and manage their IRB roles under varied single IRB (sIRB) models, a collaborative effort of Washington University in St. Louis and The University of Iowa.


The myProject system will be innovative as the first system that...

  1. provides a costing model tool for sIRB review,
  2. creates a tool for use by both researchers and administrators that organizes, manages, and provides searchable access to operating procedures and reliance terms impacting the conduct of specific research protocols, and
  3. is a unique framework for managing and tracking participating sites, research consortia, and sIRBs under a project management framework.

The components will be developed such that they can operate as stand-alone tools or in combination. 

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To ensure use of best practices in the efficient and robust IT development process, a diverse group of leaders and experts in IRB review and operations as well as multi-site research will provide input on usability and regulatory issues.  Additionally, there will be opportunities during the course of development for other CTSA institutions to provide feedback. 


Funded by the NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program, grant number UL1 TR002345-01S1


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