Alexandre V. Stoyanov, PhD

University of Missouri – Columbia (MU)

Individual variability in hemoglobin glycation. Individual variability may refer to different susceptibility level of diabetes complications in patients with the same mean blood glucose (MBG). Another important phenomenon is the disparity in MBG and the extent of glycation for blood proteins, in particular hemoglobin. I.e., patients with the same MBG can possibly exhibit different A1c numbers. There is a growing body of evidences that both the above phenomena can be manifested on the individual and population levels. Mass-spectrometric approach for A1c quantitation, together with continuous glucose monitoring, provides the tool for evaluation of the above effect quantitatively among different ethical groups and races. This will allow for individualized therapy for diabetes patients (corrected A1c goals) based on the differential glycation index. Other factor, like age, gender, MBI are likely to be taken into consideration.