Amber Afzal, MD, MS

Instructor in Medicine

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

My goal is to become an independent clinical investigator in hematology research. I have had a particular focus on outcomes research since my residency. I designed and conducted two outcome studies while in Cleveland Clinic. When I moved to Washington University, I designed an ongoing outcomes study with the Transfusion Medicine Department, and my proposed research project for MSCI is also an outcome study using the Veterans Hospital data. It aims to comprehensively delineate the clinical effects of altered coagulation profile on the outcomes of patients with chronic liver disease which continues to be an enigma for hematologists. I have been working diligently to expand my horizon in clinical research during my fellowship. I am currently involved as a co- investigator in two prospective clinical trials that are expected to open shorty at Washington University.
My long term goals are to (1) To improve health outcomes among patients with coagulation defects
as an independently funded clinical investigator.(2) To comprehensively study the outcomes of chronic liver disease patients with altered coagulation profile, and the efficacy and safety of anticoagulation and replacement of coagulation factors (FFPs, cryoprecipitate) for management of VTE and hemorrhage respectively providing evidence-based guidelines for the management of these situations.