Burcu Uner, MPH, PhD

Postdoc Research Scholar

University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis (UHSP)

Existing research shows that end-user preferences vary and change, but that, overall, there tends to be greater demand for longer-acting products with less frequent dosing and product delivery forms with which the user is already familiar. So, what challenges does this pose for different stakeholders, and what questions should they seek to address? So area of our clinical research is thriving to achieve responses of these question below:
What decisions are necessarily made in development which will impact product usability? For example, what delivery methods are needed for effective use, and what demands will this place on an end-user in terms of frequency and type of use? How can developers and behavioral researchers work together to avoid developing the next microbicide gel, something with high efficacy but is very difficult for people to use consistently?