Gary F. Clark, PhD

Associate Research Professor

University of Missouri – Columbia (MU)

I received formal training in the areas of biochemistry, immunology and glycobiology. I have recently developed a cancer vaccine strategy that has been patented and commercially licensed. I am also interested in human reproduction especially the induction of tolerance to the histoincompatible human fetal allograft. I have developed a model known as the human fetoembryonic defense system hypothesis (hu-FEDS) that seeks to explain how this tolerance is induced and how persistent pathogens and aggressive tumor cells are able to couple their survival to the reproductive imperative. Another area of interest is the induction of immune privilege in the human brain, and how its failure could lead to different pathological states. My studies suggest that the roles of glycosylation in human development and pathogenesis are vastly underestimated. Clinical applications that rely on glycobiological interventions will increase appreciation of this area of research in the future.