Kareem Azab, MSC, PhD

Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

The research in my lab evolves both basic and translational approaches: Our basic research approach focuses on understanding the proliferation and metastasis processes in cancer including multiple myeloma, lymphoma and others. We are interested in understanding the mechanism involved in cell trafficking of cancer cells during proliferation metastasis. Particularly we we are interested in the role of hypoxia and adhesion-molecules in promoting metastasis and drug resistance in these cancers. Our understanding of these mechanisms will help us design and develop novel drugs and therapeutic strategies which will be translated from-bench-to-bed. Our translational approach focuses development of targeted-nano-particulate drug delivery systems in hematological malignancies. Moreover, we are interested in development of natural and synthetic polymers as drug carriers; which includes soluble polymers for systemic delivery and hydrogels for local delivery. This approach is to increase the efficacy of the treatment and to reduce side effects. Our lab uses a vast variety of techniques including cell biology, molecular biology, pharmaceutical sciences, polymer and medicinal chemistry, advanced imaging, in vitro an and in vivo cancer models.