Mei Xia, MD, PhD, PsyD

Saint Louis University (SLU)

I am a broadly trained researcher with 17 years of experience in the lab. I am highly skilled in immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, protein biochemistry, cell biology, and mouse models. I had been focused on TB immunology, immunotherapy and tuberculosis vaccine development. I am one of the key lab investigators involved in a clinical study of safety and immunogenicity of oral (PO) and/or intradermal (ID) administration of BCG, including investigation of the molecular signatures of human innate and adaptive responses induced by these mucosal and systemic routes of BCG vaccination using transcriptome analysis. Additionally, I study a new subset of human ?9d2 T cells which can develop protective memory responses after BCG vaccination and is currently seeking the novel mycobacterial antigens to induce this subset of ?9d2 T cells and their protective mechanisms mediated by these cells which was funded by Gates Foundation and RO1.