Natalia Genere, MD

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

My research interests are in the diagnosis of early thyroid cancer and, in particular, to better understand the concept of “clinically relevant” cancers and guide their management. I have performed epidemiologic studies to understand the extent to which the thyroid cancer epidemic is the product of overdiagnosis of thyroid cancer. We have also looked at prevalence of thyroid cancer in highly screened populations such as the first responders to the World Trade Center attack. I am also interested in the factors which lead to thyroid cancer diagnosis in the first place, and outcomes of alternative treatment strategies such as active surveillance for low risk thyroid cancers.

Dr. Genere has published in the areas of clinical decision-making in thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer epidemiology and mechanisms of discovery, impacts of thyroid-directed therapy on lipid parameters, and Graves’ orbitopathy. She has also published in topics of adrenal insufficiency and diabetes