Prateek Grover, MD, PhD, MHA

Medical Director, The Rehabilitation Institute of St Louis

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

With a multidisciplinary background in biomedical engineering (biomechanics, gait analysis and finite element analysis), rehabilitation medicine and healthcare administration and leadership, five primary domains are of interest, currently applied to understanding acquired lower extremity limb loss.
1. Rehabilitation health systems – QI, large dataset and D&I approaches.
Example: limb loss continuum of care at organizational level
2. Mobility in rehabilitation – biomechanics
Example: prosthetic mobility with wearable technology
3. Outcomes of inpatient rehabilitation.
Example: inpatient prosthetic rehabilitation outcomes
4. Technology-driven rehabilitation protocol development.
Example: driving with lower limb prosthetic devices
5. Patient and professional educational curricula development
Example: limb loss rehabilitation – a stakeholder perspective