Venkateswaran Subramanian, PhD

Associate Professor

University of Missouri – Columbia (MU)

The Subramanian Lab’s research is dedicated to identifying efficient therapeutic targets for the complex life-threatening sexually dimorphic aortic vascular disease: abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). AAA is an asymptomatic, permanent dilation of abdominal aorta which can cause death by aortic rupture. The current available therapy is restricted to surgical repair, highlighting the need to explore the mechanics and pathogenesis of AAA to develop effective, non-surgical therapeutics. To fulfil this goal, the primary focus of our research is to study the functional contribution of the following areas to aortic structural wall integrity during AAA development:
Cytoskeletal structural proteins;
Smooth muscle cell (SMC) homeostasis;
Extracellular matrix protein stability.