Victoria A. Levasseur, MD

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

To investigate the central vein sign (CVS), an imaging finding rarely seen in neurological conditions other than in MS. CVS detection has the potential to differentiate MS from other diseases with white matter T2-weighted (T2w) hyperintensities that look like MS lesions on standard MRI; it may also increase the sensitivity and specificity of MS diagnosis and simplify the diagnostic workup. My studies will provide important information on best tools to detect central veins. Using the GEPCI technique may improve upon other proposed methods for detection of CVS, which may reduce misdiagnosis, more accurately identify MS, and simplify the diagnostic workup. Additionally, my project will show pathologies measured by GEPCI metrics, lead to the development of a new area of MS imaging, and aid in understanding MS. Overall, improved imaging of MS using the CVS as a specific imaging biomarker is likely to advance the field.