Prevention & Wellness

BJC HealthCare's Comprehensive Heart & Vascular Lifestyle Guide contains helpful information on attitudes towards health as well as diet and exercise, to keep your heart healthy.

Washington University's Center for Human Nutrition offers several resources on their site, from the USDA Food Pyramid to physical activity guidelines and cholesterol guidelines.

Grace Hill, a partner of the UMSL School of Nursing, has been serving neighborhoods throughout the city of St. Louis for over 100 years, and now includes St. Charles County. The services bring together a full range of resources including five primary care Health Centers, two licensed and fully accredited Day Care Centers, a neighborhood organization system supporting employment, family and children, the homeless and emergency services. All services are implemented not only to be neighborhood based thus accessible, but also to reach, serve and involve residents of the service areas as providers and leaders. The care provided by the community health centers has been proven to reduce hospitalizations and emergency room use, reduce annual Medicaid costs, and help prevent more expensive chronic diseases and disability.