Brain/Spinal Cord/Nervous System

  1. Washington University is seeking participants for a study called the Human Epilepsy Project. Participants may be healthy OR have history of clinical seizures consistent w/ focal epilepsy. All participants must be 12 – 60 years old. The study will last up to 3 years with 1 study visit per year for patients with epilepsy. There 1 study visit for controls. Up to $200 is provided for patients with epilepsy. 314-454-4267 (Posted 2/3/14)
  2. An autism study seeks toddlers 18–36 months of age. John Constantino, MD is conducting a research study that will track the early stages of social behavior in young children to identify new ways to support healthy social and emotional development. Toddlers must be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or have a suspicion or risk of an autism spectrum disorder. Interested? Call 1-877-684-9279 (toll free). (Posted 2/3/14)
  3. Children, teens & young adults are needed for a research project to develop methods to study brain structure, function & behavior across the lifespan. Participants must be 4-6, 8-9, 14-15 or 25-35 years old. The study could take up to 2 full or 4 half days of the participant’s time with MRI scans & behavioral testing. Up to $200 is provided for time & effort. Contact 314-747-2160 or (Posted 3/18/14)
  4. Cervical spinal cord injury? A research study seeks  participants. The purpose of the study is to better understand the use of nerve transfer surgery on patients w/spinal cord injuries. Participants must have a cervical spinal cord injury that occurred in the last 4 yrs. All study visits are  performed @ standard of care visits. Participants will complete questionnaires for research purposes. Call Alaina at 314-362-3114.  (Posted 10/19/15) 
  5. Do you have diagnoses of spatial neglect? Washington University seeks participants for a research study to look at a brain-controlled stroke rehabilitation method using electroencephalogram (EEG). You may qualify if you have had a stroke, TBI or other acquired brain injury. There is 1 study visit (2 hours). Up to $20 is provided. Contact Volunteer for Health 314-362-1000.  (Posted 11/20/15) Do you have Parkinson's disease? The purpose of the study is to determine how quickly a protein called Alpha-synuclein (a-syn) is cleared from the body in participants with Parkinson's disease. A-syn is a major component of Parkinson's disease. You may qualify if you are 50-95 w/PD. There are up to 7 study visits. Up to $1475 is provide. Contact Barb Merz, RN, 314-362-0420 (Posted 10/11/16)