Children's Health

  1. Babies needed for a research study on autism! The purpose of this study is to learn more about brain development in infants who are at high risk for developing autism. Participants must be 6 month of age or younger with an older sibling with OR without autism.  There are 4 study visits including MRI scans & developmental testing. Compensation is provided. Contact Lisa at 1-888-845-6786 or (Posted 11/15/13)

  2. Children are needed for an MS research study to determine if risk factors identified for adult multiple sclerosis are also risk factors for pediatric MS, & if there are interactions between. Participants 3-18 years old both with & without Multiple Sclerosis or (MS) or Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS) are needed. There is 1 study visit w/ questionnaires & blood testing. Contact or 314-454-4267. (Posted 2/3/14)

  3. The Early Emotional Development Program at Washington University is seeking children for a research study to look @ parent-child interaction therapy to help parent & child improve their relationship. Participants must be 3 – 6 years old with symptoms of depression. This study will last up to 36 weeks with parent &/or child therapy visits & assessment visits. Compensation is provided. Caroline at 314-286-1888. (Posted 3/18/14)

  4. Children are needed for a Washington University research study looking at attention. The purpose of the study is to understand how attention is related to symptoms of anxiety and depression. Participants must be 8 – 12 years old and must not use psychiatric medication or have a diagnosis of ADHD, ASD, PDD. Must not have an Education Diagnosis or receive services through an IEP. There are 1 – 2 study visits and an fMRI scan. Up to $100 per visit is provided. Contact Caroline at or 314-286-0965(Revised 1/30/17)

  5. Preschool aged children are needed for a research study to see how the brains of healthy preschoolers are different from those of preschoolers suffering from depression. Children must be 4-6 years old without a neurological disorder. There are 3 study visits (2 hours each). Up to $180 is provided for time & effort. Contact Samantha at or 314-747-7262. (Posted 3/16/16)

  6. Autism research study!  The goal of the study is to learn how autism spectrum disorder influences the development of joint attention & shared engagement during infancy and toddler-hood.  Participants must be 12-24 months old without diagnoses of an autism spectrum disorder.  There is 1 study visit (2 hours) w/ questionnaires, DOT scan & eye tracking.  $40 is provided.  Contact 314-286-0005 or (Posted 5/18/16)

  7. Participants needed! This study looks @ brain changes during the process of child development. Participants must be 5-18 & must not have neuro disorders. There will be 2 half days (up to 4 hrs each) or up to 3-4 half day visits (up to 3 hrs each) including MRI scans & collection of hair samples. Up to $150 is provided for the child depending on age & up to $250 for the parent., 314-747-5477. (Posted 3/29/17)

  8. 4 - 6 year old participants are needed! A research study is underway to examine how responses to positive or negative events in the developing brain can inform which children are more likely to have future socioemotional difficulties. There are up to 2 study visits including MRI scans. Up to $180 per visit is provided. Contact Dalton: 314-273-8005 or (Posted 5/22/17)

  9. Kids Needed! Dr. Kevin Black is conducting a study that looks at children ages 5-10 with a recent onset of tics or Tourette Syndrome OR without tics. There will be 3 study visits over about 12 months including MRI scans, puls annual clinical follow ups. Volunteers must have parent or guardian who's willing to participate. Compensation provided. Contact Emily @ 314-362-2083 or Vicki @ 314-273-1876, (Posted 10/10/17)

  10. Children w/ Tourette syndrome (TS) are needed for a research study. This study looks at study medication to see if it's safe & works well in children with TS. Children must be 6 to 17 years old. There will be 9 study visits. Compensation for time and travel may be available. or 314-362-7406. (Posted 12/20/2017)