Digestive System

  1. Participants are needed for a GI research study! Dr. Mary Rude is seeking participants for a research study to determine if an association exists between functional GI disorders, the amount of fat in the liver, and a person’s BMI. There is 1 study visit that will last about 45 minutes. There will be MRS scanning & questionnaires. $40 is provided for time & effort. Contact Darren at bnix@DOM.wustl.edu or 314-362-3201. (Posted 11/15/13)

  2. Do you have recurrent C-diff infection? A research study is seeking participants to look at the safety and effectiveness of a fecal transplant drug in preventing a recurrence of C-diff infections. Participants must be 18 or older with history of recurrent C-diff (at least 2 recurrences after a primary episode). There are 5 office study visits. Up to $550 is provided. Contact Nikki @ nikkibauer@wustl.edu or 314.362-7406. (Posted 12/11/17)