1. Participants are needed for a research study to learn more about why some lean people are more likely to develop metabolic diseases.  You may qualify if you are 18-55 & have a BMI of 21-24.9.  There are up to 7 testing visits including up to 2 overnight visits.  Participants will have up to 28 weekly study visits or contacts with the study team.  Up to $1000 provided.  Contact or 314-362-8250.  (Posted 3/16/16)
  2. Overweight?  Participants are needed for a research study!  Purpose is to find out if cold activates a certain type of body fat which affects how the body removes blood lipids.  You may qualify if you are female and 21-50 y old and overall healthy.  There will be 2 screening visits (4-8 h each), 2 metabolic studies (36 h each), and 1 other visit (2-6 h).  Up to $1125 is provided.  Contact 314-362-2016 or (Posted 6/21/16)
  3. Metabolism research! The purpose of this research study is to see why some people who are obese have high blood sugar levels & are at risk of developing diabetes. You might qualify if you have a BMI 18.5 - 24.9 or 30 - 39.9 & are 18 - 65 years old. There are 3 - 4 study visits (2 visits are 27 hours). There will be muscle & fat biopsies. Up to $700 is provided. Contact Karen @, or 314-747-8592 (Posted 5/22/17)