Neurological Studies 

  1. An exercise study seeks volunteers with Parkinson's disease diagnosis to look at the effects of exercise on walking and balance.  You may qualify if you have Parkinson's disease and have not had a stroke.  There will be 4 study visits and 24 exercise sessions lasting about 1 hour each.  There will also be a physical evaluation and MRI scans.  Up to $150 is provided.  Contact Martha Hessler at 314-286-1478 or (Posted 8/7/2013)
  2. Austism study, this study will look at the genetic path of autism in African-Americans.  This study also looks at barriers to accurate and early diagnosing in African American children and to receiving quality care.  Volunteers must be at least 3 years old , with austism or suspected of having an Austism Spectrum Disorder, and African American or Bi-racial.  There are 2 study visits.  Compensation is provided (up to $200).  Call 314-286-0552. (Posted 8/7/2013)
  3. Dr. Brad Racette is conducting a study to look at an investigational inhaler method for taking medication for Parkinson’s disease (PD). You may qualify if you have PD, are 30 – 80 years old, and are taking levodopa. Participants must also experience wearing off of PD medications. There are up to 7 office visits. Participants will receive study drug or a placebo by an inhaler. Contact Karen at 314-747-0514. (Posted 9/10/2013)

  4. Washington University is seeking participants for a study called the Human Epilepsy Project. Participants may be healthy OR have history of clinical seizures consistent w/ focal epilepsy. All participants must be 12 – 60 years old. The study will last up to 3 years w/ 1 study visit per year for patients w/ epilepsy. There 1 study visit for controls. Up to $200 is provided for patients w/ epilepsy. 314-454-4267 (Posted 2/3/14)

  5. Washington University seeks participants for a research study to learn more about brain networks in Tourette syndrome. You may qualify if you are 18 – 35, w/ motor and/or vocal tics (including Tourette syndrome, chronic tic disorder). Participation includes 1 study visit lasting 3-4 hours including a brain scan, questionnaires & cognitive tests. $15-$25 per hr. provided. Contact or 314-362-4154. (Posted 1/7/15)