Other Studies

  1. Samuel Klein, MD  is looking for female participants for a study to learn more about how certain cells in the pancreas signal the liver in response to meals and how fat and muscle cells respond to meals and sleep. If you are female age 18-55, do not smoke, and do not have diabetes, call Volunteer for Health at 314-362-1000! (Posted 6/1/2013)
  2. Survey study seeks volunteer, you may qualify if you are at least 18 and have angina, congestive heart failure, asthma, emphysema, or bronchitis, stroke or peripheral vascular disease.  There is 1 study visit (30 mins).  Volunteers will take a survey to look at what survival trade-offs people may make to cure or avoid certain health problems.  $20 is provided.  Call Dr. Walton Summer at 314-454-8164 for details.  (Posted 8/7/2013)
  3. A renal function study seeks participants! The purpose of the study is to evaluate a fluorescent drug for the use of a non-invasive device to measure kidney function. Participants with and without impaired kidney function are needed. Participants must be 22 or older and must not have HIV or hepatitis B or C. There are 3 study visits. Up to $500 is provided. Contact Joann at 314-747-3879 or jlauber@wustl.edu. (Posted 7/12/16)
  4. Have you had breast cancer? A study is underway to learn about how light therapy affects post-treatment symptoms in breast cancer survivors. It will also look at how easy or difficult it is for patients to use at home. You may qualify if you are female and 1 to 3 years post-completion of chemotherapy and/or radiation. There are 4 study visits. Up to $200 provided (gift card). hxw0198@bjc.org or 314-454-8929. (Posted 11/7/17)