In concert with our mission, the ICTS supports the acceleration of genomic discovery to diagnose diseases, thereby improving human health. To accomplish this goal, the ICTS offers a wide variety of core services to help advance translational research.

In addition to the core services listed below, the ICTS developed a precision medicine function dedicated to:

  • Making genomic resources more accessible and useful to a wide variety of researchers
  • Facilitating formation of multidisciplinary teams who will use genomics in both bench-to-bedside and bedside-to-bench research, and
  • Educating the translational research workforce, health care providers, patients, and the public regarding the use of genomics in clinical and translational research.
Academy of Science – St. Louis Seminar Series

In partnership with the Academy of Science of St Louis, a community education organization, ICTS Precision Medicine sponsors “Genetics and Genomics Series” seminars to share discoveries in genomics with the local community and how these new insights can improve health.

Precision Medicine Thursdays at Venture Cafe

ICTS Precision Medicine collaborates with Venture Café St. Louis as our business and entrepreneurial community outreach partner to showcase the biomedical innovation capital being generated by Washington University researchers. The goal is to facilitate connections between academic investigators and local innovators and entrepreneurs.

Precision Medicine Pathway

Graduate students enrolled in the Pathway gain a strong basic science background and knowledge in clinical medicine, making them well-prepared for the future translational genomic workforce.