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  • REGISTRATION OPEN - January 16, 2018 ICTS Symposium and Poster Session: Advancing Precision Medicine through Translational Genomics
    The Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS) is soliciting posters relevant to broad themes in precision medicine.  More »
  • Success Story - Patty Cavazos-Rehg PhD (Psychiatry), a 2007-2009 KL2 Career Development Scholar alumna, established her independent career understanding how policy and social media shape risky health behaviors amongst youth through ICTS support.  More »
  • Washington University School of Medicine's 12th Annual Research Training Symposium and Poster Session was a success with over 200 attendees, five oral presentations and 113 posters from 23 programs. More »
  • 2017 Clinical and Translational Research Funding Program Request for Applications - The Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS) announces the 11th annual Clinical and Translational Research Funding Program (CTRFP).  Annually, the CTRFP receives over 100 applications and awards approximately $1M for 20 investigator-initiated projects. More »
  • The Leap Inventor Challenge engages and trains Washington University faculty, postdoc, graduate student, and staff teams towards commercial development of their technology. More »
  • Resistance is inevitable - Microbiologist Guatam Dantas associate professor of pathology and immunology comments on strategies for coping with bacterial antibiotic resistance - emphasizing that the only sustainable alternative requires  a robust drug discovery pipeline. More »
  • NLM Administrative Supplement: To validate research claims and outcomes, investigators depend on policies and tools for making research fully reproducible.  This supplement for Informationist Services, More »
  • Supplement to Promote Diversity in Health Related Research: Congratulations to Diana C. Parra-Perez, PhD, MPH and her mentor, Samuel Klein, MD on the award of a ten month grant (8/1/16-5/31/17) based on their response to PA-15-322. More »
  • Pregnant women’s high-fat, high-sugar diets may affect future generations. More »
  • Muscle relaxant may be viable treatment for rare form of diabetes A commonly prescribed muscle relaxant may be an effective treatment for a rare but devastating form of diabetes. The drug, dantrolene, prevents the destruction of insulin-producing beta cells both in animal models of Wolfram syndrome and in cell models derived from patients who have the illness. More »
  • Study: Most respond well to genetic testing results - People at high risk for psychological distress respond positively to receiving results of personalized genetic testing.  More than 6 percent of subjects in the genetic study wanted information about their test results, which detailed the risks for lung, prostate and colorectal cancers, type 2 diabetes and heart attack. More »
  • Gene protects teens from alcohol problems but not if they drink with friends -  Among more than 1,500 adolescents who had comsumed at least one drink before age 18, researchers have found that although a gene variant prevents some young drinkers from developing alcohol problems, the gene's protective effects can vanish in the presence of other teens who drink. More »
  • Study sheds light on asthma, respiratory viruses - A new study led by Michael J. Holtzman, MD suggests that a fundamental antiviral defense mechanism is intact in asthma. More »
  • Some agressive cancers may respond to anti-inflammatory drugs - New research rasises the prospect that some cancer patients with aggressive tumors may benefit from a class of anti-inflammatory drugs currently in use against rheumatoid arthritis. More »