The ICTS Regulatory Support Center (RSC) promotes safe, ethical, efficient, and high-quality research by streamlining regulatory compliance while maintaining the highest levels of protection for research participants. Through integrated regulatory guidance, the RSC reduces regulatory barriers to clinical trials and centralizes services for DSMBs and Study Drug Management and Accountability.

To conduct a valid and feasible study that will lead to improved health, investigators must navigate complex regulatory processes, below are a variety of services available to ICTS investigators.

Bioethics Research Center

Supports evidence -based ethics in biomedical research and clinical practice.

mHealth Research Core (mHRC)

Helps to move from the idea phase to a funded grant, reduce barriers to successful implementation, and establish an open-source cumulative body of knowledge and expertise.

Regulatory Support Center (RSC)

Provides organizational and regulatory support for research studies on human subjects.


To improve public health and patient care by maximizing the impact of multi-center trials being conducted by WU investigators.