Translational Science Benefits Graphic

The Translational Science Benefits Model (TSBM) is a framework for assessing the health and societal benefits of clinical and translational science. The framework was developed by a cross-disciplinary team including members of the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS), Bernard Becker Medical Library at Washington University School of Medicine and the Center for Public Health Systems Science at the Brown School at Washington University. The TSBM can help researchers, administrators and policymakers measure the impact of their work in four distinct domains: CLINICAL, COMMUNITY, ECONOMIC and POLICY. Each domain has a set of tangible benefits—or indicators—that come from clinical and translational science research.

Researchers are encouraged to utilize the framework and the new Translating for Impact Toolkit and to cite our landmark publication. The website includes the following resources:

  • An explanation of the Translational Science Benefits Model framework, including an animated video
  • The Translating for Impact Toolkit, featuring nine tools you can use to plan, track, and demonstrate the impact of your work
  • Case studies from social science and clinical projects across the U.S. showing the path from research to real-world impact
  • A sign-up form you can complete to receive TSBM updates or request more information

We encourage you to use the model to explore and demonstrate the impact of your own work. Email us at with questions, if you have used the TSBM in your work, or if you would like to collaborate with us on using the framework or toolkit.