Measuring the impact of translational research is essential to meeting the goals of the national CTSA Program. To accomplish this, the ICTS utilizes a variety of evaluation resources to monitor and assess ICTS processes, systems, and outcomes, thereby ensuring continuous improvement. Components of our evaluation strategy include:

  • Dedicated Tracking and Evaluation Team: This team is tasked with assessing the impact of the ICTS and developing performance indicators to improve clinical and translational research. They collaborate with the national CTSA consortium to implement best practices in evaluation measures, methodology, and data collection.
  • Common Metrics: Participation in this initiative allows the ICTS to demonstrate measurable progress towards achieving the goals of the CTSA Program.
  • Membership Engagement: Regular polling of ICTS membership, seeking both formal and informal feedback through multiple venues.
  • Success Stories: Reporting on individual investigator or team stories of success within the ICTS.