The Tracking and Evaluation (T&E) team evaluates the progress of the ICTS in advancing the national CTSA Program goals. The vision of the T&E team is to utilize evidence-based and innovative evaluation methods to:

  1. inform ICTS strategic planning and program improvement activities, and
  2. assess the impact of the ICTS on clinical and translational science that results in clinical applications and meaningful community health outcomes.

Composed of individuals with extensive experience in academic and public health evaluation, transdisciplinary science, social and organizational network analysis, and bibliometrics, the team utilizes an evaluation plan that includes quantitative and qualitative data to demonstrate achievement of the ICTS specific aims. The innovative analysis approach employs state-of-the-art data feedback tools and metrics derived from large-scale science evaluation initiatives and applies sophisticated network analysis and bibliometric data to measure collaboration and scholarly impact.

The T&E team approach is structured around a logic model which includes details on the types of information that are collected and analyzed. According to the logic model, the activities and the outcomes of the ICTS are organized at 3 levels: individual, core, and institutional. The individual elements of the logic model are directly or indirectly tied to the specific aims of the ICTS. The logic model was developed based on the team’s experience with past large-scale institutional evaluations, after input from ICTS leadership, and with guidance from other members of the CTSA Program Evaluators Group.

Learn more about the T&E logic model (pdf).