Our Mission

To accelerate clinical and translational research and advance discovery, knowledge and innovation to improve health outcomes across the lifespan and benefit the healthcare and well-being of all our diverse communities.

  • We will harness the talent of Washington University and our partners at Saint Louis University and University of Missouri – Columbia to create integrated collaborations among investigators and within the community.
  • We will train a diverse workforce with the tools to discover and implement transformative translational research founded on a platform of equity and inclusion.
  • We will develop and promote a collaborative team science framework that will translate discoveries into effective interventions that can transform individual and community health.

Our Vision

We envision a future in which the health and well-being of our diverse community informs the creation and acceleration of new knowledge across the translational divide from study conception through real world dissemination.

What We Do

Connect: Link research teams to expert resources

Educate: Train, advance and sustain the clinical translational science workforce

Message: Amplify communication to diverse communities to promote health equity and inclusion

Disseminate: Move best practices into routine real-world usage

Collaborate: Foster networks to translate research into practice

Support: Provide research infrastructure and funding